What is TMC NFT ?

What is TMC NFT:

NFT is a latest buzzword in crypto industry. NFT is short form of non fungible tokens, it means every NFT is backed by some codes so that there no other copy of the particular token can be produced. Artists and writers are converting their creation in the form of NFT so that they can easily prove their ownership. In addition to that meme creating platform MemeChat has created a new platform The meme club in short TMC NFT. TMC provides a common space to meme creators and collectors. It work like a marketplace for meme creators and buyers. At TMC NFT can be purchased from any part of the world.

In coming future TMC NFT will target bigger brands to invest in the memes NFT. The question arises that why would a company invest in a meme NFT, the answer is for marketing. We all know that memes have ability to go viral in a jiffy, by using this any brand can spread their message easily.

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