How Ukraine strike back Russia using crypto || Ukraine and Russia war 2022

How Ukraine strike back Russia using crypto:

As Russia intensifies military attacks on key Ukrainian cities, Ukraine seeks every possible means to retaliate to defend its ground. Ukraine and Russia war condition has created a new division between most countries. The European Union is backing Ukraine by providing financial and military support. Here is the tactics Ukraine uses to raise fund and reinforce resistance against Russia by using the cryptocurrency platform. This cryptocurrency news created a buzz in the world politics, the main talking points are following:

1: Airdrop:

 According to the fortune magazineUkraine received $47million donation in form of cryptocurrency, and the Ukrainian govt. decides to reward the people who supported the country in the dire situation by airdrop. Airdrop is not a new word for the crypto community, Basically, Airdrop is a tactic backed by blockchain technology to give rewards in form of cryptocurrency.

Ukrain War Crypto

2: Raising funds by NFT:

Here are NFTs available at the different crypto marketplaces. Ukraine supporters can buy these NFT and support the country from any part of the world. These NFTs start from $9.99 to $4996 on the wax wallet. You can buy an NFT by clicking on this link.

Ukrain war

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