American crypto trader got scammed $650,000 within few seconds

American crypto trader got scammed $650,000 within few seconds:

US based entrepreneur and crypto trader named Domenic Lacovone reportedly suffered a huge loss as scammers steal $650,000 worth of crypto from his account. As per New York post report Domenic Iacovone possesses multiple NFTs and load of crypto coins in his metamask wallet. According to victim he got a phone call from unknown number which was according to caller ID from Apple company. Believing the call from the Apple he called back and asked for a code sent on his phone and after couple of second his assets were gone.

He told that scammers got his 12 word “seed phrase” and transferred his asset to unknown account. Metamask uses 12 word seed phrase as key authentication for account protection, it like ATM pin, if someone get seed phrase he can do whatever he wants with account.


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